Originally from Iceland but residing in Belgium 

M's photographic work focuses on

the abstract and the minimal

the beauty of shape

​the poetry of life.

With her


on photography

the realistic identity fades

with imagination meeting reality

Next up: 

-- To be announced 

-- Participation in the project Fotografar Palavras, a collaboration based in Portugal between writers and photographers  from over 25 countries.


​-- Exhibited at the Venice Photolab - photo festival inside the Venice Fashionweek - Venice, Italy in 14-23 October 2022 (Group exhibition) 

-- Shortlisted in the Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition ”State of the World” 2022 photo contest (September 2022) 

-- Exhibited at the Female Artists Oslo "Be Free"  Exhibition - Oslo, Norway 10-25 September 2022 (Group exhibition)

--Awarded with Honorable Mention at 2022 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition (August 2022)

-- Exhibited at Art Nordic - the biggest Art Fair in the Nordic Region - in Copenhagen, Denmark (June 2022)

--Published a cover on a single on Spotify (May 2022) 

-- Published and awarded by head curators on www.1x.com - the worlds biggest curated online photo gallery (winter 2021-2022) 

-- Works on display at Radisson Red in Brussels (winter 2021-2022) 

-- Hundreds of features on various  photography feature hubs on Instagram (2020 - ) 


... She is working with visual poetry, and her dreaming art is brilliant at making us wonder and reflect. ...These ... pictures made us, in Art Nordic, reflect upon our choices, and the trail of selection that they paint. A story. A life. We are all placed before the choice as we move forward along the stream of time. It's so easy to get lost in the things that we didn't do, and scared as we can be, we can forget to live if we never decide on anything at all... One thing is certain, Ma Ru's talent for working with visual art is unquestionable. A clash of reality and the clean canvas where everything is undecided and still possible." ​

- Art Nordic Denmark